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Fitzhugh Coat of ArmsWe are very excited to share some exciting news. The Fitzhugh Family Reunion Committee has made a donation of over $5900 to the Liz Thompson Memorial Fund for Chatham Gardens & Grounds.

Friends of Chatham is enormously grateful that the Fitzhugh Family has chosen to honor the memory of Liz Thompson in this very generous way.


Friends of Chatham's Board Members Lynda and ScottFriends of Chatham Board Member's Lynda Baer and Scott Walker talk about Chatham with Ted Schubel on Town Talk on NewsTalk1230 WFVA.

Link to hear what they had to say!


Pan OldGarden Day Pan

Restoring Pan

Pan, the noisy, goat-footed god of the Greeks, returned to Chatham Manor in April 2013, whose riverfront he had graced since the 1920s--until vandals knocked him over in December 2002, shattering the stone statue.

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